The world of fashion has always epitomised woman's multifaceted and feminine sides. Dresses and accessories have stressed feminine beauty and what has always held center stage is the shoe. Be it high-heels or sportive sandals – there is a shoe for every woman’s foot and character.

Lilò shoes harmoniously wed the world of the shoe with the exclusivity of jewellery. Waltraud Kompatscher and Lisa Schönheinz, both renowned jewellery designers, who head a firm of goldsmiths with a long-standing tradition, have created an exclusive line of exquisite miniature jewel shoes inspired by historical and present-day models.

Diamond-studded details, frills and ribbons in fine gold turn mundane accessories into exclusive Lilò shoes. From its humble origins as footwear these shoes have conquered wrists, necks and earlobes. They will conquer hearts as well. Who presents his loved one with a Lilò jewel will come closer to understanding mysterious woman.